Cardstock & Loyalty Cards

Drive repeat purchases and extend the life of your coupon with Cardstock and Loyalty Cards.

What’s Included

  • Your choice of satin, matte, gloss or uncoated finish
  • Mini, standard or oversized format
  • Unique imprinting to increase tracking and security

How We Drive Results

We keep ’em coming back.

Loyalty Cards not only reward your existing customers for repeat purchases, but also help you capture new customers at the same time. And Cardstock extends the shelf life of your offer, with 80% of consumers holding onto Loyalty Cards for 3 months or longer.

We protect against fraud.

Unique alphanumeric codes can be placed on each Cardstock piece to protect your customer info and ensure one-time use of coupons when and where necessary.

We capture more insights.

Cardstock enables you to make use of Business Reply Mail (BRM) when you want more information or feedback from your customers. We provide uncoated finishes and various paper thicknesses that are perfect for BRM formats.