Personalized marketing for you business.
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From search engine friendly websites to pay-per-click advertising to ensuring your business information is accurate across 100+ web directories, we are your one-stop shop for powerful marketing solutions that will grow your brand power and customer base.

Personalized marketing for you business.
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Valpak Media Solutions is the most recognized direct mail program there is. Our blue envelope filled with money-saving coupons are a welcome sight in your customers' mailboxes each month. With a 90% opening rate, you can be sure that your name is being seen.

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Valpak Media Solutions knows how to place businesses in front of their target consumers. Our blue envelope, filled with money-saving coupons, along with our array of digital products allow you to solely target the neighborhoods you want to reach, so your advertising dollars stretch farther. A strong presence in print and digital advertising can create a loyal customer base as well as drive in new traffic. We’ll sit down and create a custom-tailored advertising program with you that makes sense for your business. Valpak Media Solutions has already helped thousands of local businesses achieve new levels of growth. With all the competition in today’s market, do you have an edge?

Valpak Media Solutions is the most recognized direct mail program there is. Our blue envelope filled with money-saving coupons are a welcome sight in your customers’ mailboxes each month.
Valpak Media Solutions professional web design team will help you get noticed online. We’ll work with you to customize the colors, photos, logos and other artwork to build you a fully responsive website consumers will love.
Valpak marketing consultants are experts in online advertising solutions and digital marketing trends. As a Google AdWords SMB partner, we are exceptionally positioned to help your site get found on Google and other top search engines.
PPC is a flexible and results-driven digital marketing solution that drives instant traffic. Our PPC management helps a business attract highly targeted quality leads and convert them into paying customers.
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Why Choose Valpak

You built your business with the dream of charting your own course. Being your own boss. You had a passion, worked hard and succeeded where most fail. You’ve learned a lot about marketing. Sometimes the hard way. You know it’s no longer enough to run a TV ad to reach customers. Consumers have more choices and more distractions than ever before. In short, business is tough.

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Our Services

Our marketing experts will combine an enticing offer with the right mailing frequency and reach for your industry based on the success of other businesses like yours.
The Blue Envelope drives response and awareness for Valpak advertisers through advanced targeting and more than 40 years of best practices in design and offers. Each month, the Blue Envelope delivers savings to nearly 40 million households in the U.S. and Canada.
We continuously research new and innovative direct-mail formats to create unique products that draw the eyes of consumers and the envy of your competitors.
At the one-stop-shop that is Valpak Media Solutions, our graphic design team has experts in creating vibrant content that catch the customer’s eye.
We can help improve the visibility of your website in a search engine’s unpaid or “organic” search results. You may have a beautiful website but it may not be optimized to rank ahead of the competition.
Easily connect with your customers on social media with some help from Valpak! From creating your social profiles to posting on your behalf, our Social Media Marketing tools will help you keep the conversation flowing.
We put a unique phone number on every part of your Valpak campaign to help you monitor the quantity and quality of phone responses your advertising generates.

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With all the competition in your market, do you have an edge above your competition? Contact Valpak today to learn how Valpak can give you peace of mind and be your one stop shop for all of your marketing efforts.