Our Services

Valpak Media Solutions knows how to place businesses in front of their target consumers. Our blue envelope, filled with money-saving coupons, along with our array of digital products allow you to solely target the neighborhoods you want to reach, so your advertising dollars stretch farther. A strong presence in print and digital advertising can create a loyal customer base as well as drive in new traffic. We’ll sit down and create a custom-tailored advertising program with you, that makes sense for your business.

Print Advertising Solutions

Valpak Media Solutions is the most recognized direct mail program there is. Our blue envelope filled with money-saving coupons are a welcome sight in your customers’ mailboxes each month. With a 90% opening rate, you can be sure that your name is being seen.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Long gone are the days of working with multiple marketing companies and keeping track of different bills and contracts. Valpak Media Solutions digital marketing solutions helps you manage your entire web presence, including your website and search advertising!