You built your business with the dream of charting your own course. Being your own boss. You had a passion, worked hard and succeeded where most fail. You’ve learned a lot about marketing. Sometimes the hard way. You know it’s no longer enough to run a TV ad to reach customers. Consumers have more choices and more distractions than ever before. In short, business is tough.

Valpak is the trusted name in local direct marketing and digital marketing solutions. With the expertise to help your business adapt to new technologies. With the gumption to create new opportunities. Just like you, we started small: in a garage in 1968. Since then, we’ve become synonymous with direct marketing, cost-effective direct mail and digital advertising that drives results. Today, millions of high-income households open the famous “Blue Envelope” each month to find great deals in their neighborhoods.

These sought-after savings are always available on Valpak.com and our mobile app, too. But we don’t stop there. Valpak can help improve your online presence by optimizing your website to be displayed properly on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Valpak can also help your business be more visible with online searches with effective Search Engine Optimization programs while driving more traffic to your website faster with SEM/Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns. (Did you know we’re a Google Premier SMB Partner?) Contact us today and let Valpak create a custom print and digital solution that meets your targeted marketing needs.

In short, Valpak does it all.


Valpak is at the heart of communities across North America, helping people save, businesses grow and neighborhoods thrive through a network of local franchises in the U.S. and Canada.

Valpak marketing consultants live and work in your neighborhood. We know what your customers want (we are them!) and can help you take the guesswork out of advertising with real-world marketing solutions that drive measurable results.

From the mailbox to online to mobile devices, Valpak continues to find innovative ways to connect businesses with consumers. Monthly, close to 40 million homes receive our Blue Envelope of savings and traffic on valpak.com and our syndication partner sites exceeds 110 million.

Valpak has the means and know-how to custom build a marketing campaign that meets your needs and budget.

Let us introduce your business to the neighborhood.

Valpak Media Solutions knows how to place businesses in front of their target consumers with our highly effective marketing solutions. The Valpak “Blue Envelope” is filled with an array of money-saving coupons from local businesses solely targeting the neighborhoods and audience a business wants to reach. Our comprehensive Digital Marketing solutions helps businesses of all shapes and sizes enhance their overall digital marketing presence ensuring consumers will find them across all electronic devices any time of day.
It is crucial for your business to have a strong presence in both print and digital marketing so you can develop a loyal customer base as well as driving web traffic to your website. You can choose from a variety of proven print advertising options while taking your digital marketing efforts to another level with solutions such as Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Power Listings, Social Media Marketing and Valpak.com’s highly optimized Business Profile Pages.
Our team of Valpak Subject Matter Experts specializing in both print and digital marketing will sit down with you to learn more about your business and goals and design a custom-tailored marketing program for you leveraging our highly effective print advertising products combined with best in class digital marketing solutions to maximize your return on investment.
Valpak Media Solutions has 4 offices in the Washington, DC Metro and Fort Worth, Texas areas and have already partnered with thousands of local business achieve new levels of growth with both print and digital marketing solutions. For more information about our Valpak locations, please visit our Locations page.

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