Meet the Owners

Meet the Owners

Valpak marketing consultants live and work in your neighborhood. We know what your customers want (we are them!) and can help you take the guesswork out of advertising with real-world marketing solutions that drive measurable results.
Valpak Owner Fred Small
Fred Small

Fred Small helps small businesses think big!

Fred is an entrepreneurial business operations professional that has continually taken start-up or businesses and pulled them up into success by their bootstraps. When Fred started as a Sales Representative for Valpak, he knew he wanted to own his own Valpak business. Every decision he made from that day was with that goal in mind, and in four years, Fred bought his first Valpak franchise from my employer.

After purchasing Valpak of Virginia, Fred reengineered the business, training the management and sales departments, implementing more effective marketing strategies, and reinforcing the business operations infrastructure by implementing networking technologies and publishing applications. Fred took a business and turned it into a multi-million dollar small business advertising solutions empire. From there, Fred expanded and purchased Valpak franchises in Maryland.

With the shift in consumer retail towards mobile devices and applications, Fred is involved in the creation of mobile apps to help consumers find local businesses. Fred believes by harnessing this technology, we can allow customers to see the multitude of great choices that are geographically close to them.

Damon B. Barr

Meet Damon B. Barr, an experienced business mogul specializing in growing and scaling companies, with a reputation for disrupting and innovating industries. Damon currently resides in Leesburg, Virginia with his wife and two girls.

Damon is a principal in several ventures, including ValPak, where he has maintained an active leadership role for over the past 10 years. He has played a significant role in the company’s growth and success, helping it become a leader in direct mail and digital advertising.

Damon also serves as President at Broughton Partners, which he co-founded with a remarkable track record of growing market share, and increasing bottom-line revenues. He oversees the company’s strategic growth, revenue diversification, and future expansion efforts. Damon is a market maker. He is an expert and thought leader in DTC advertising, digital marketing, enterprise sales, legal marketing, and customer acquisition.

Damon’s expertise and leadership have earned him recognition in multiple industries, with a reputation for taking companies to the next level. In addition to his expertise and leadership, Damon’s extensive network is another incredible asset that he leverages to help other business leaders create new opportunities. From funding to operations and advertising, he is extremely well-connected and has a keen eye for identifying opportunities that can help companies grow
and scale.

Damon’s diverse network includes influential and successful business leaders across various industries, and he is always looking for ways to connect with other entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals. Whether it’s through strategic partnerships, introductions to investors, or other opportunities, Damon is always willing to go the extra mile to help others succeed.