Social Media Marketing

Easily connect with your customers on social media with some help from Valpak! From creating your social profiles to posting on your behalf, our Social Media Marketing tools will help you keep the conversation flowing.

How We Drive Results

We build your fan base.

Consumers use multiple social platforms on a daily basis. We can help you reach untapped audiences by creating and/or managing your social presence on Facebook.

We improve your customer insights.

By monitoring conversations on Facebook and devising content strategies, Valpak helps you better understand what your customers are interested in and how they behave.

We take word of mouth marketing online.

Without Facebook, your online presence is limited to your website, business listings and/or review sites. Consumers turn to social media to learn more about brands. We get your brand out there and help increase foot traffic to your place of business.

What's Included:

  • Unique Social Media Strategy: Content Strategy, Brand Analysis, Competitor Analysis.
  • Facebook Page Setup and Local Business Verification (Cover Photos, text).
  • Flexible Facebook campaign that can drive foot traffic, local awareness, click to call, leads, or traffic.
  • Two Facebook Ads (Local Awareness, Click to Call, or Visit Website – 1 for the first month).
  • 10 High Quality Original Creatives monthly (6 on the first month if including setup).
  • 20 high quality articles posted and shared through the account.
  • All articles and links branded using – high quality branded link to create recurring visits and CTAs.
  • Highly collaborative – tailored content based on the promos of the small business for the month.
  • Email sent every month to the digital agency for information for the month.
  • Localized audiences researched and targeted for their high-affinity with the product or service the small business offer via proprietary affinity targeting based on audience engagement data.
  • Built-in ad budget to boost each post to the unique audience, build audience, and guaranteed reach and impressions per post.
  • Monthly Facebook performance report, including content report, audience report, and local reach report.