Call Tracking

Do you know how your advertising is performing? How about your staff, when they’re talking to customers? First impressions are lasting, which is why it is important to be aware of your consumers’ first interactions with your business. We put a unique phone number on every part of your Valpak campaign to help you monitor the quantity and quality of phone responses your advertising generates. Information about the call is captured and reported in an easy and actionable format, including the date and time of calls and actual call recordings.

How We Drive Results

We manage performance.

The ability to listen to call recordings can be used as a performance management tool. Listen to how your employees handle calls to help ensure those first impressions are lasting.

We operate more efficiently.

Know the days and times of the week you receive the highest call volume. This knowledge enables you to increase your staff count during peak periods and reduce it otherwise, helping you to run your business more efficiently overall.

We manage your campaign.

Include a unique Call Tracking number on different parts of your campaign to determine where most of your leads are coming from. Use a different Call Tracking number to help you test various types of offers to determine which works best for your business. Valpak is so confident in its performance, we will provision lines for you to put on our competition’s media. We will show you in one convenient dashboard that Valpak outperforms the rest!

What's Included:

  • Turnkey phone line provisioning of toll-free or local numbers based on availability.
  • Call recordings.
  • Call summary reports and call dashboard.
  • Whisper feature – a pre-call “whisper” notifying your client that a call is coming through a Valpak Call Tracking line.
  • 90-day wind down – ensures any lead coming in from a discontinued Call Tracking line will still reach your business.